• Shoot with Redscale in Overcast Weather!

    written by hodachrome on 2012-11-12 #gear #tutorials
    Shoot with Redscale in Overcast Weather!

    Do you like overcast weather? I prefer sunny days for going out and shooting films, however, I also do like overcast because it's the best time to shoot with redscale! I love shooting in redscale, and in this article I'll let you in on secrets for how to master shooting in redscale in overcast weather!

  • Break The Lock: Challenge One

    written by cruzron on 2012-10-01 #news
    Break The Lock: Challenge One

    Do you fancy yourself a super sleuth with keen detective skills? Then we at Lomography have a surprise in store for you! All you have to do is to figure out our riddle before Friday 5th October!

  • Darkroom Checklist

    written by ilkadj on 2012-10-01 #gear #tutorials
    Darkroom Checklist

    If you're ever thinking of making your own darkroom, you should consider this checklist and make sure that you all the basics covered in order to develop and process your own film rolls at home.

  • The Forge

    shared by adam_g2000 on 2011-11-21

    Unfortunately I had to art direct on this one. Health and Safety said no to coming in, so the smithy who had dabbled in photography did this long exposure for me!

  • One Roll, Different Hues

    shared by feelux on 2012-01-10

    I was surprised to see how unpredictable Velvia is. This has got to be one of my favorite albums. Money well spent on this awesome roll; 39 shots in one roll, amazing. Film: Expired Fuji Velvia 100 bought from the Lomography Online Store

  • The Versatile Velvia 100 ASA Expired Ediition

    written by feelux on 2012-04-09 #gear
    The Versatile Velvia 100 ASA Expired Ediition

    Fuji Velvia is probably one of the most versatile film that i've ever used. I've only tried an expired Velvia so far and it yielded great results!

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    shared by megustastu on 2012-03-02