My name Tina . I'm 18 year old , but my age of me just is a number i don't care. I'm like old & older.

I'm here mainly to develop a platonic love friendship with the right person. I'm not interested in a sexual friendship or relationship. It would be nice to find me a best friend - someone i could love, be each other's good companion in good times and bad times.

Only my truest will support me on my journeys, as i will do for them. The others don't matter. Don't give me bullshit, be real with me, or be out. I don't have patience for waste people.

I'm that type of girl who's a little quiet at first, but give it a day or a few, and I'll open up.

I throw in a witty or stupid joke here and there just to make people laugh.

Would love to meet new friends to share mom interest and exchange knowledge.

Maintained a healthy and happy life-style. Enjoy and live my life with the fullest as life is too short and we only live once.

Looking for someone special who is patible, responsible and could carry on the conversation which i believe is the key of the foundation to build a steady relationship, ready to settle down and start a family.

I just want to found some one what gave me really love and care, i love my life, and everyday of my life is a new adventure and i have a lot of dreams that i really want to achieve.

I love to try new things, travel to new places. About my love life ?

I have not much friends, so that mean i don't have much lovers either however i'm a person who would crazy and passion in love, i'm big fan of romance, in relationship i believe in honest and loyalty.

People thinks that i'm only attracted to someone by the outside look but the truth that i prefer more on someone personality, and i have to said that my Ex was a amazing person who showed me what is really love about.

I wanna be the only in the world, loneliness makes me fun.

I wanna all in the world 'cause everything makes me satisfied.

Above all , i need love, need a true love kiss, need who care and love me by all heart.

Friends are very precious gifts.

Do not waste it & also it's your choice to be friend with me, or not.

No pressures. Kiss me, goodbye, gone too soon.

I did give you my heart can't deny. Hold on, let go, never sure.

Only can make believe all this time. Coffee, cigarettes, not my style. But sometimes im going to drink coffe with friend's and smoking make me relax. Pretty faces around but not rhymed. Don't cry, won't cry, i won't cry. Be with you i just close my eyes. So far away i can hardly make you mine. So long the day you were always on my mind. But in my dreams never try to hold you tight. Don't want awake find you ain't here by my side. When i wake up hope you were here by my side.The poem of my romance life by my side.

Time does changes people life, but it doesn't change my thought about life. I consider myself an independent individual, friendly, respectful,open-minded, honest and kind hearted for your curiosity.

I'm trilingual English and of course Vietnamese. My dream is to travel around the world someday with love ones to explore different cultures and to widen my knowledge.

I have a passion and desire to meet genuine souls who like to build a better world. What moves me most is your sincerity and how you treat others. I want us all to build a better world. Remember, it starts with one individual at a time and the ripple effect will carry and spread its message throughout our lives.

I know what i want! I remember the past, hold on to the present and look forward to the future.

Who is ready for a relationship and willing to learn about other as i am. If you want to be friend and get to know each other a bit more we can municate via phone,voice call-pc,chat or e mail. Beautiful look is just a surface and will fade away through time.Bubbling personality and cuteness will make a long lasting impress. Serious Inquirers only, please must have a real pic in profile. To find my partner,time to settle down.

True hapiness does not depend on what life brings ur way. It's what u bring to life that puts the joy in every day.

A hopeful spirit finds good things & goals worth dreaming of. A kind and loving heart will always know a world of love, cheerful thoughts attract the sunshine in abundant share and minds attuned to truth and beauty find them everywhere, a smiling face always meet another smiling face and friendly souls find helpfulness and new friends every place.

The earth`s a place of wonder full of glad & sweet surprise.that each new day discovers if u look w/youthful eyes. Of all the arts admired,and the talents that impress, the finest one to wis you all is. THE ART OF HAPPINNESS

If you don't know me you should know that I want to remind the world what is beautiful and insane. I want to show the world a beauty they've never seen, smelled, felt, heard, or taste. I am so fortunate for so much love that is directed at me and am so proud of my family and friends-my friends are in short my family.

I ask God for strength, that I might achieve. I was made weak, that I might humbly learn to obey. I ask God for health, that I might do greater things. I ask for riches, that I might be happy. I was given poverty, that I might be wise. I asked for power, that I might enjoy the praise of women . I was given weakness, that I might feel the need of God. I ask for all things, that i might enjoy life. I was given life, that I might enjoy all things. I got nothing that I ask for but everything that I had hoped for. Almost despite myself, my unspoken prayers were answer'd. I am, among all men, most richly blessed.

P- Perfect
R- Radiant
I- Irresistible
N- Never- Wrong
C- Cute
E- Everything Cute and Adorable
S- Super Woman S- Soooo SpecialPrincess=ME !

What else can I say? I'm just an average girl with dreams and aspirations to succeed.

Anyways there's only so much I can write on this thing, wanna know more? Get to know me!