Bike trip through Brittany and Normandy, May 2012.


Our final day of riding began with a short ride into Bayeux where we saw the famous Bayeux tapestry depicting the events leading up to the Norman conquest of England. The tapestry tells of the betrayal of William, Duke of Normandy, by Harold, Earl of Wessex, later King of England, which culminated in the Battle of Hastings. The tapestry (nearly 70 metres long) consists of some fifty scenes and is embroidered on linen with coloured woollen yarns.

After seeing the tapestry, we took in some of the sights of Bayeux on foot, such as the Cathedral shown here:

Credits: cycliste

Then we mounted up for a ride up to the coast to see the British artificial harbor at Arromanches. This was a temporary harbour developed in World War II to offload cargo on the beaches during the Allied invasion of Normandy. Two prefabricated or artificial military harbours were taken across the English Channel from Britain with the invading army in sections and assembled off the coast of Normandy as part of the D-Day invasion of France in 1944. One was set up at Omaha Beach, but was later destroyed by a large storm on 19 June. The other artificeal harbor at the British landing site of Gold Beach remained and came to be known as Port Winston at Arromanches (after Winston Churchill).

Credits: cycliste

After Arromanches, we rode back to the hotel where we had a farewell dinner that night, ending a wonderful week of riding in France.

written by cycliste on 2012-07-02


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    Not so far from home ! :-)

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    @cherub38 Ah yes, I am sure they serve what an Italian friend calls "il vino d' America" or Coca Cola!

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    LOL ...