Bike trip through Brittany and Normandy, May 2012.


On Day 2, we got our first taste of the unpredictable nature of the weather in Brittany and Normandy. We would later learn the expressions “C’ est Bretagne” and “C’est Normandie” to describe its unpredictability.

Day 2 began with a transfer by van from St-Malo to the top of Mont Dol where we explored the old windmill and climbed a tower where we could see our ultimate destination of Mont St-Michel far in the distance through the rapidly increasing cloud cover.

Credits: cycliste

As the bikes were being assembled, a storm rolled in and it began to pour. We took shelter in the van to wait out the storm, but it would not stop raining. So, it was time to decide whether or not to ride. Half of the group mounted up and we rode down Mont Dol in the pouring rain. Our first stop being Dol de Bretagne where we stopped to dry off and then explore the town with its historic cathedral.

Credits: cycliste

Fortunately, we all managed to warm up and dry off in a cafe and then it stopped raining. Now it was just cold an there was lots of wind, which we experienced during the ride along through the fields en route to Mont St_Michel. We stopped for lunch and to warm up again before taking a tour of the abbey.

Credits: cycliste

After the tour, we loaded up in the van and drove about 2 hours to St-Vaast. It was quite a long day!

written by cycliste on 2012-06-10

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