Merdeka Raya

This Raya I went to visit my friends! They are no ordinary friends because they are lomographers as well!
So right before Raya, I went to the market to buy some of the local Raya tidbits.

Kek Lapis Sarawak. Our famous layered cake! It takes 8 hours of steaming to produce such colourful cakes! It’s delicious too!
So my family and I went to buy fish, veggies and even walk past local handmade cloth named Pua Kumbu!

Back to visiting. I went to quite a number of house from Raya day 1 to day 6! Ate a lot of food which includes Kek Lapis Sarawak, Nasi Briyani, Curry, Rendang, and syrup drinks too!

Credits: cutebun

Raya Merdeka day, someone put out a flag in front of their home too! This year Malaysia celebrates her 54th Birthday!

Credits: cutebun

Not forgeting my lomographer friends too!

Credits: cutebun & haneatlomo

More photos of them thru @haneatlomo

Credits: haneatlomo

Some of my photos too =P It’s like my model shot! I love the effect of the photo!

Credits: haneatlomo

This Raya is special because it falls on Merdeka Day, double celebration! Through lomography I get to know a lot of analogue lovers like myself and get to visit their home for this happy festive occasion! Thank you lomography for bringing us together and that’s how I spend my Merdeka Raya!

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written by cutebun on 2011-09-11