Camera rush.

Houston we’ve got a problem!
And it’s named cameras… many, many cameras. Acting like drugs, getting a new one and getting the hype, feeling the rush, living the moment. Always wondering how this and that might look like on a new type of film, with a new type of lens, faster film, faster lens, colored flash, no flash, upside down and to the side.
There are few rushes that can equal the rush of a new film camera.
The moment you pick it up is the moment you know all is possible. And it usually ends up with you, in a final showdown with the new toy. It ends up in self portraits, the personal test to the thrilling new purchase.

16 and counting on my side!
The more cameras the merrier!

Credits: crocodil_fotografic

Shoot away!

written by crocodil_fotografic on 2011-03-24