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  • Under the bridge downtown I could not get…

    shared by roxyvonschlotterstein on 2014-08-18

    Some more Redscale XR 50 - 200 with Diana F+ Premium Glass Lens. Love it.

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    shared by robertofiuza on 2016-03-17

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    shared by form on 2016-08-16

  • Last days in Tasmania...

    shared by vicuna on 2012-12-21

    and travelling back to Raiatea, with stops in Sydney, Noumea and Tahiti, crossing the timeline backwards, so we arrived home before we left Tasmania :)

  • Whale watching

    shared by natalieerachel on 2012-02-06

    Got to go on a catamaran on my weekend at the Big Island! I saw a whole bunch of whales (one swam right by the boat! But I missed it...), big manta rays, and swam with dolphins! Unfortunately, it wasn't quite bright enough for 200, so a whole bunch of my photos are a smidge blurry :(

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    shared by wapclub on 2012-01-11

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    shared by traaaart on 2013-05-15

    This film sat around for months since the one lab in town that could do black and white in house closed. So these were long awaited.

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    shared by urbantristesse on 2016-08-17

  • orchid

    shared by neneohcs on 2016-08-25

    I took out the trash. and wanted to test a camera, that was given to me as a gift. It is a Lomo camera - i think it is called Supersampler - very cheap plastik and a little mechanic that shoots 4 Fotos, one after another ... with just a little timing delay - that is very interesting, if you go quite close and have enough light....

  • Figar - at Donaukanal

    shared by neneohcs on 2016-08-25

    In August 2016 i took out my favorite camera, the Leica IIIf with it´s Summitar 2/50 and a Kodak 400Tx. Some available light shots, some friends... some are from Vienna, some in "bucklige Welt" in NÖ

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    shared by why-yu on 2012-10-16

    ..I would be very happy - why not? - A walk in the company with that - Nobody-Nobody... /Kafka

  • doubles with porkchopsandy

    shared by ccwu on 2012-04-26

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    shared by p_child on 2016-08-13

  • Montpellier, South of France

    shared by neja on 2015-04-12


  • so so

    shared by hervinsyah on 2013-05-17

    Mayday view... but look at the hand of the 2nd man from the left =p

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    shared by fuckdaniels on 2012-10-22

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    shared by why-yu on 2011-12-28

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    shared by srcardoso on 2015-12-31

  • Graphic Island

    shared by wil6ka on 2012-05-12

    Er ist für mich wirklich erstaunlich dieser Supergraphic HC. Ich habe verstanden, das ich mit ihm starke Kontraste festhalten kann, doch zuviel Licht sollte nicht im Spiel sein, dann kommt das Negativ komplett transparent daher. Und das passiert bei jedem Film mindestens einmal, und ich kratze meinen Kopf. Wenn man jedoch aus dem Schatten kommt, macht er ganz zauberhafte Dinge. Denn im Kontrast ist er sehr fein. Am ehesten kann man ihn vielleicht dann mit den 25 Iso Filmen von Agfa oder Maco vergleichen. Kodak hat ja auch einen Ektagraphic HC, ich persönlich hatte mal einen für 35mm in der Hand. Im Fotolabor sagte man mir, die waren früher für die Titel bei Diashows angedacht. Dabei hat man eine schwarze Schrift fotografiert, die dann als Negativ im Diarahmen, die Show eingeläutet hat. Hierbei ging es also um die Definition von Kontrast und nichts weiter. Ob es beim Supergraphic von Rollei genau darum ging, lkann ich mir nicht vorstellen. Warum würde man ihn dann in einem schmucken Holzkasten verticken. Und die Emulsion Ato ist mir auch von anderen Schwarz Weiß Filmen bekannt. Vielleicht ist es einfach ein Hybrid, der im Labor entstanden ist. So eine Ratte mit menschlichem Ohr auf den Rücken. Soll es ja geben...

  • Again

    shared by srmarcus on 2014-03-05

    Same camera, same loading error. And, of course, same solution as last album/roll, loading the roll three times. Triples with myself.

  • Self-Portraits at 2am

    shared by alienmeatsack on 2013-10-13

    I had a bad case of the restless and can't sleeps last night. So I decided to give my Dektol+Film thoughts somewhere to go. I loaded a roll of Arista EDU 100 into the Lubitel 166U, added a Holga Close Up lens attached with some rubber bands, measured my focus zone and tried to get my arm trained to hold camera at that point, then metered for light. I used two of my softbox lights which are pretty intense and very focused so they make hard light on whatever they hit without diffusion. There was also a single lamp on in the room. My metering told me I needed 1/8th of a second at f/4.5, but as I moved it around, so it could meter the darker areas it went well into the 1-4 second shutter range for that aperture. I am pretty sure I was way more stops under then I thought, mentioned above. The 3200 was a guess. Thats at least 5 stops pushed, then maybe close to that in push for the development. I knew I wanted to push the film at least 4 stops to see what Dektol would do in that kind of situation. I ended up shooting at (somewhere around) 3200 metering for 100 film... and pushing the film about 3-4 stops. And I still got images which blew my mind. If I had left them in the soup for another few minutes who knows what I'd have gotten out of it. I pushed the Clarity on these up a bit so the grain tends to really pop, but I love how Dektol slams the film right in the face with it's hard core super dark blacks and contrast. Aside from the focus issues, these shots came out better then I hoped. My actual focus area was literally a space of 1-2" and I did all of these by hand, guessing I had them at the right location, set to f/4 (just beyond the last measured aperture on the 166U) and at 1/60th of a second shutter speed. I think I need to measure and mount the camera on a tripod for this and do it again with a little more usable light. Fun shoot, entertained me when I couldn't sleep. And I want more Dektol.

  • Paddling Lake Medora + Copper Harbor Socializing

    shared by kevinhodur on 2013-07-01

    We struggled a bit to find just the right spot to paddle on a choppy day on Lake Superior, but @upchickadee and I decided on Lake Medora, near Copper Harbor. A beautiful day and a great evening. The Crossbird film isn't as vibrant on this hazier day; check out my other album with that film to see what it can do in full sunlight!

  • This has been a long time coming...

    shared by blueskyandhardrock on 2013-02-07

    When I was in high school, I found this poem by Christina Rossetti called "Remember". It's about losing a loved one. It spoke to me so much that it became one of my three favorite poems (the other two are by Shakespeare and Neruda). When I started doing Lomography a few years back, I wanted to do a series inspired by this poem. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to. Then less than two years ago, I got my heart broken so badly and this poem helped me through that rough time. The wound has long healed and I finally have the courage talk about moving on through my photos. So I packed my Belair and my amazing tripod and set off to Malibu - to shoot a series inspired by both the poem and my heartbreak. Of course, the results aren't as good as they would have been had I used my Mamiya but I'm still happy, if only because I finally got to do this series and because it's a labor of love. My boyfriend and I got up at 5 am to drive all the way to Malibu for this series. My hands and feet were freezing the entire shoot AND we got a parking ticket for it so I really really hope people will enjoy the photos, even if they're not amazing quality.

  • :: Suphan Photo Club ::

    shared by modern_nmt on 2012-02-26

    วันหนึ่งเมื่อเราขาดไอเดีย เราก็ควรที่จะออกไปแสวงหาความรู้ใหม่ๆจากข้างนอกบ้าง แล้ววันนี้ผมก็ได้รู้ว่าการไปร่วมกลุ่มกับคนอื่น มันทำให้เรามีไอเดียใหม่ๆเพิ่มขึ้นมามากมาย.. ขอบคุณ Suphan Photo Club

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    shared by rewd on 2016-07-07

  • yet another set of photos

    shared by neja on 2012-10-15

    from Brick Lane, a famous Sunday market in London

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    shared by tall_bastard on 2012-12-31

  • Holgaweek trip to the mountains of Virginia shot…

    shared by davidobryan on 2016-08-15

    Holgaweek trip to the mountains of Virginia shot on a Holga 120GCFN with Lomo CN800 film

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    shared by fuckdaniels on 2016-08-25

    Marseille #5

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    shared by fuckdaniels on 2016-08-25

    Marseille #5

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    shared by fuckdaniels on 2016-08-25

    Marseille #5

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    shared by fuckdaniels on 2016-08-25

    Marseille #5

  • #21405422

    shared by fuckdaniels on 2016-08-24

    Marseille #4 black and white fisheye view

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    shared by troch on 2016-08-25

    Home developed, Xtol stock 7 minutes.


    shared by txr53 on 2016-08-25

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  • Cinestill 800 - Heiligenhafen

    shared by nudels on 2016-08-25

  • Cinestill 800 - Heiligenhafen

    shared by nudels on 2016-08-25

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    #hasselblad #xpan #velvia #trees #green #summer #leaves #E6 #forrest #ireland #connemara

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  • Cinestill 800 - Heiligenhafen

    shared by nudels on 2016-08-25

  • Cinestill 800 - Heiligenhafen

    shared by nudels on 2016-08-25

  • Cinestill 800 - Heiligenhafen

    shared by nudels on 2016-08-25

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