Beautiful Barcelona in X-Pro

Credits: crevans27

Just a quick blog to document my love for Barcelona and cross processed film.
I was lucky enough to visit Barcelona twice last year, once on a pre-trip to scout everything out and second for a long weekend with 30 students!
Both times were great and the second time I felt better equipped! Armed with my digibase film which also masquerades as rollei crossbird and my lc-a I set about documenting what little time and peace I had to myself.

Credits: crevans27

Barcelona is just beautiful, I love it. I would visit again and again. The architecture is amazing and the parks are just the most beautiful spaces. Definitely a city worth visiting!
As for the film, it clearly loves the sunshine! These are my best and most consistent results from an xpro film to date. I love the popping blues and green and yellow tints.

Credits: crevans27

Developing them this weekend has almost got me over the back to work blues and grey skies here in brighton. Stop by and check out the full album!

Happy new year all!

written by crevans27 on 2013-01-06

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  1. juzifer
    juzifer ·

    Ture, Barcelona is really a great city an worth to visit, not just for lomograph junkies... I also took their some of my best photos... Great place to take pictures!