New start - Recreating the revolog style yourself

Credits: crevans27

I’ve always wanted to start blogging my lomo adventures and thought new year, new start there’s no time like the present! Experimenting is obviously a huge part of Lomography and its something I’ve been a lot of it in the last year so this is where you can find all my thoughts, feelings, ideas, success and failures! I’m only a year and a half into the world of Lomography so I still have a lot to cover! Hopefully a few of you might share ideas or gain something from me as I go!

Credits: mephisto19 & mafiosa

These are two of the pics that inspired me!

Ok, first up for me to cover is the revolog films. Still being a bit of a newbie I only came across these in December when someone uploaded their results. I was so interested I Googled it and came up with the revolog website. I spent ages looking through all the effects and researching peoples opinions on here…. I almost asked for a set for Christmas but then decided to have a go at doing this myself.

After a bit of research I picked a few of the effects to try and recreate. First up, Tesla I as revolog call it. I’m lucky enough at school to have access to a projector, so I used power point to create a few different colour lightening streaks onto black background. I shot it in the dark and doubled the I so of the film, which happened to be 100 x pro.
I shot the film in a few different situations and developed it last night. Scanning the results now and I will add them soon. Looking promising so far!
Ok so here are the results. Drop my my lomohome for the full album! If anyone fancies a go Im happy to shoot a roll and send it out in exchange for another roll :)

Credits: crevans27

written by crevans27 on 2013-01-02

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