I have been taking photographs on peculiar cameras since the age of seven. My very first photograph (a goat) was taken via a rather lovely type 127 film Kodak box camera which dated back to maybe the 50s. Then (much later in life) Taking GCSE photography and then on to A level / LRPS distinction was exciting. Happy days!

I am happy clicking anything that records an image. Quality is completely unimportant to me. That said, I do play with digital recording cameras all the time. However I am quite happy merging 120 type with my Holgas, or 135 type merged with my latest purchase (A lovely red Lomo Fisheye).....

Indeed I much prefer film cameras and miss them dearly. It is now difficult for me to source film locally. 400 speed is more difficult to find in my experience. It looks like this Lomography craze is growing, so maybe films / D&P... and even darkroom chemicals / paper / enlarger etc will be mine once more for many evenings in escape mode via my utility darkroom (still a pipe dream of course).

I hope that you will enjoy my uploads which I have enjoyed producing. Nothing to be taken seriously of course.


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