eBay... how I would be so much richer without you!


Its May already, My poor old Powerbook is on its last legs and I really want a new iMac. Else Im pretty sure I’m going to loose all my Photos/Music/films…..life. So to fund this ridiculously expensive treat, I sold my Digital SLR on eBay…. thats it, gone, no more. Its film all the way now. I’m trying to save money… But… since Im on eBay, Ill just run a quick search, “Old Camera” “Zenit” “Mamiya” “Vintage Camera” “Kodak” “Ilford”… sucked in again! But this time it payed off (so to speak), I found some Bay 1 lens filters for my Yashica! Best of all, one of them is a close up filter! I cant wait to try it out! It appears to reduce the minimum focal distance to around 0.3 meters. I really want to take more portraits and this filter will really help.

Credits: craigramsden

I took this portrait of my wife Beth on the Yashica before i got the filter. And I think its possibly my favorite picture. The exposure wasn’t quite right, but I love it. This picture was taken with the minimum focal length on the Yashicas 80mm lens and as you can see, Beth doesn’t fill the majority of the frame. This is no bad thing since I can crop the image if i desire, however, Im a sucker for trying take a shot exactly as I want to see it in print.

I really need to stop spending money on camera stuffs, I also bought a Gilbert 120 camera I found in a charity shop for £5, it needs a little TLC as the shutter sticks most of the time but if I can get it wo work it will shoot 6×9cm images on 120 film! Super!

I also bought the LC-A+ wide angle lens last month and it is awesome! Although the fitting does not accommodate the tunnel vision lens as I was hoping, its still going to be a powerful tool in my lomo arsenal! Wide angle + LC-A + XPro = Mega Vignette! Its beautiful!

Credits: craigramsden


written by craigramsden on 2011-05-08

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    Ebay is brilliant and awful all at the same time!