Bring On the Sun!


My very first lomo article went live yesterday! I was very happy and hope people like it. The Yashica is truly a beautiful camera.

I Love my Yashica-635

I think I may write another review as soon as Ive gotten chance to test my next purchase. Ive decided to get the wide-angle lens for my LC-A+, Im feeling flush after gaining some piggies and the 10%off ends today so Im making the most of it! I have the tunnel vision lens which can attach to the LC-A+ by means of sticky magnetic rings. However, my LC-A+ is still rather new and I’m not keen on sticking anything to it! From the look of the picture the wide-angle has a mount which looks like it may also be usable for the tunnel vision. Does anyone know if this is the case? If it isn’t then is suppose its no big deal, it would just be rather useful.

I had a little trip to the beach this week with some friends that came to visit as the weather was rather nice

Credits: craigramsden

Im saving the rest for my B/W film for some projects I want to start so my cameras are loaded with colour. Bring on the Summer!

written by craigramsden on 2011-03-31

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