My First Best (Holga) Picture

2000 was the year I graduated from high school. It was also the year I packed my bags and left my small island home in the Pacific Northwest, waved good-bye to the Space Needle an moved across the USA to Savannah, Georgia to go to art school. It was here I was introduced to my very first Holga camera, back before they were sold at Urban Outfitters, were produced in bright colours, or had rotating colour flashes. Heck, in 2000, you couldn’t even find a Holga with a built in flash. I fell in love instantly, and have since procured a collection of Holgas, including pin-holes, Holgawoods, and a 35mm BC. But the original Holga N holds a very special place in my heart.

Credits: craftyweetzie

One of the first excursions the Holga and I had was with a group of friends and a box of costume clothes at Fort Pulaski, near Tybee Island. The air soaked us with it’s humidity, and the heat oppressed us, but we spent hours running around the fortress and the surrounding hills. At one point, I laid down in the grass, looked up at the sky, and decided I needed to burn the image onto film. With the help of a friend, I set up and took the shot. Later, in the darkroom, when I developed my film and set about printing the photo, I knew I would be shooting with Holgas for years to come. The self portrait was not only my first best Holga picture, but twelve years later, it remains one of my favorite photographs I have ever shot.

written by craftyweetzie on 2011-04-17