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    some lubis on a windy day

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    shared by awesomesther on 2011-04-26

    Doubles w @adrienne-is - US to S'pore :D First layer was done with Fisheye. I shot this roll at the zoo when I was there for the Pinhole Day outing!!! Turned out great!

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  • Lomowalk along the beach

    shared by paperplanepilot on 2011-02-03

    Since I was the only one who had a lomo camera in the group, I did the lomowalk alone. An hour before we left for the airport, I took one last stroll along the beach. LESSON LEARNED: the beach can over expose an ISO 100 film

  • Balloon Race II

    shared by megs79 on 2010-09-23

    Underexposed multi layered photo. I can imagine there is a true sense of wonder and isolation soaring above the clouds in a baloon looking down on Earth. There are a lot of reasons this lomograph is one of my favorites. It is my most popular lomograph. It is a double exposure and I love doubles. I also love hot air balloons and hope to one day ride in one.

  • Lighthouse Beach Kovalam, South India

    shared by bravebird on 2011-03-19

    One of the most popular pictures 2011

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