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these are very bad times for the obvious reason(s). the films we make are designed to transport the viewer away from constant worry and anxiety, but not to act only as an escape mechanism, which can lead to "numbing out." this is what many in power want you to do. to binge watch television, eat garbage and buy things you don't need, so you go into debt and are so filled with anxiety that you can't "handle" trying to keep up with what those in control are doing to seize and retain power. we just saw it here in america, and the drum beat continues.

most "great"countries have a run of about 250 years. so, if we don't destroy the planet through climate inaction (it seems like we will), america does not have much time left before it eats itself, and decides to embrace fascism proudly. most countries and individuals just want to hear nice stories about their homeland, so they can feel proud, wave flags and throw rocks at “the other.” we're headed in this direction, if not already here. These films are nothing more than a combination of picture and sound made during these times.

some notes on distribution, censorship and dishonest corporate messaging:

people are fascinated by the naked body and sex. monopolies own
 nearly every means of promoting your art. your art cannot include the
 female nipple. they claim it’s about "community standards." what it’s
 actually about is money. banks won't loan money to any entity connected to “pornography,” as it’s a high risk business. so, to one monopoly, the female nipple is pornographic. this notion dismisses entirely the biological function of the female nipple and breast. what you are not allowed to see you just want to see more. it leads to making the female nipple almost a fetish as it is either seen in hardcore pornography or banned across the rest of social media. the female nipple. banned. i still can't wrap my head around it.

sex is a part life, but currently you are not allowed to make any 
art that deals with the naked body.

we are distributing our films now through an american company that has 
reasonable policies, but is small in relation to the aforementioned unnamed
 monopoly. it's all we can do. more and more there is no place for honesty in art.

each film is about 60 minutes in duration. all are made using 4k video, 1080p video, junk walmart cameras, 4x5 and 2 ¼ x 3 ¼  paper negatives. the paper negatives are developed in an instant coffee-based solution called

these are bad times . we should all help each other get through them.

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