Нас Наебали or Another Russian Revolution.


we are an art community, it means that we are thinking people, we are the intelligence.. and we need to support each other…
we’re fighting for our freedom and independence… but our naked arms are harmless for people who got the guns, police and army…
they’re arresting young people, treating them violently, hitting everyone including girls since yesterday… there is a terrible lack of independent lawyer…

Credits: cocaneonkamerasutra


written by cocaneonkamerasutra on 2011-12-06


  1. cocaneonkamerasutra
    cocaneonkamerasutra ·

    what's going on right now in moscow

  2. puly
    puly ·

    Yeah, I know by myself - Russian politics suck..

  3. toelmoum
    toelmoum ·

    Thanks for the information. Salud!

  4. rik041
    rik041 ·

    keeps on fight

  5. blackbird1
    blackbird1 ·

    Nobody can put down the Freedom for ever . Not Mr.P and not Mr.M. Sometimes they will loose their
    filthy game

  6. clickiemcpete
    clickiemcpete ·

    Stay safe and best of luck!

  7. cocaneonkamerasutra
    cocaneonkamerasutra ·

    oh, thank you so much, friends! i really appreciate that you do care!

  8. blackorchid
    blackorchid ·

    Thank you for information. I really feel with you!!

  9. tyler_durden
    tyler_durden ·

    we are 99% don't give up the fight!!


  10. cocaneonkamerasutra
    cocaneonkamerasutra ·

    as for recent event - as i wrote yesterday to one of my friends - on 10th of december only in moscow there was 85 000 objecting people, but our government wants to far - they're going to pay much more thousands of people (i suppose, as they did it before) and force school and university student (they are threaten student - i know that as many of my friend had that problems) to go out and support election results - it's gonna be tonight... to make European people think that everything is okay here.. but it's not okay..

  11. werriston
    werriston ·

    Great article. Thank you. Amazing images, too.