• peace and love

    written by cocaneonkamerasutra on 2012-01-14
    peace and love

    tonight was the first time i took a look through (a tiny part of a) twelve thousand most popular photos (over here -

  • Нас Наебали or Another Russian Revolution.

    written by cocaneonkamerasutra on 2011-12-06
    Нас Наебали or Another Russian Revolution.

    Hello, thinking world! i guess, everyone now got to know.. finally it feels like another revolution in russia is on it's way. every day there are thousands of people walking out on the streets to protest the fake elections results. also there are police and inside army, who're violently arresting, putting in a jail and claiming and judging any young person they can catch... we didn't vote for them!

  • Happy accidents or unexpected karma tricks

    written by cocaneonkamerasutra on 2011-03-24

    well, i'm lucky enough to be here and have a chance to share my double-exposed story! usually i know well what is going on within my camera - you can wake me up at night and ask – and I’ll tell you what kind of film is loaded, how many shots i've made, how many layers etc… but not that time.. Not that two times!