The Shot of My Year Rumble

Lets roughly say I started shooting film again fall of 2010. There was a box in the girlfriend’s (@katiealexjackson) patio closet. Me being the nosy type; I dug around in it when I moved in with her. In there I found an old Nikon F3 with a 70-300; I instantly knew I was going to be in trouble.
Fast forward some months later and skip over the drama. Living back in South Florida my love of shoot film expanded and my collection of cameras grew exponentially. In my collection at the time (May) was the Lomography Sprocket Rocket. I had shot it prior and was content with it.

I wanted something more out of my photo. So I read all kinds of tipsters on how to modify your film by destroying it. I came up with one of my own. I soak some film (in its’ can) in straight yellow pen ink. Then Rather than unrolling it and rinsing it I just soak it in water and blew it out. This left tons of ink on the film.

I made a trip to Gainesville to see Katie. Then we both shot photos while we bowled at the new alley in Gainesville. I mainly used the Sprocket Rocket with gels on the Diana flash.

Credits: clownshoes

written by clownshoes on 2012-01-06