The Voigtlander Perkeo folding camera series was made in the early 50's in Germany. These have a fabulous build and are the smallest 6x6 medium format cameras you can buy. The Perkeo II has a double exposure prevention lock but it does feature auto stop in the winding wheel and a frame counter. So that means you can advance the film until it reaches the number 1 on the red window then shoot your first frame and advance from there without having to pay attention to the red window again, it will automatically space the frames as you wind the film.

I think I like the Perkeo I better though because at least some of them allow for multiple exposures. Just keep recocking the shutter and the button works. In an age when film was very costly the Germans seem to have been quite obsessed with not "wasting" film so many of the Zeiss folders and these Voigtlanders tend to have double exposure prevention mechanisms. Some, like the pre war Kodak Retinas and Zeiss Ikontas, can be over ridden by merely reaching over and nudging the linkage arm if you want to take a double.


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    I love all the tests of these classic cameras. Thanks for sharing them with us!

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