A quick visit a couple of weeks ago to the French King Bridge. I like to go down to the little iron bridge below it. The Millers River flows into the Connecticut River at this point and it's just a beautiful spot to view the FKB and check out the boating action. This was actually about a week after Hurricane Irene hit the Northeast and normally you don't see whitewater rafters on this river but the ones they usually run in the Berkshires west of here were so swollen they were quite dangerous.


  1. volker-jp
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    beautiful pics!

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    wow wow

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    wonderful shot

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    wwooow!!! beautiful!!

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    postcard perfect :)

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    Great stuff as usual. Absolutely love this one though!

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    wow amazing colors

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    so beautiful!
    wanna visit there!

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    What wonderful colors!

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    This is absolutely amazing! Great colors, great composition - a perfect shot!

  15. kimpy05
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    super nice!

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    love the gradual change in the colouring...

  17. clickiemcpete
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    Thank you all so much! :)

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    Awesome :)

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    LOVE the colours in this picture ^____^ Well done!!

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