Planning a Sailing Adventure


One of the best parts of going on a vacation where you can drive to your destination is that you don’t have to be as constrained as you would if you were traveling by air. So with that in mind I have spent several weeks planning what cams to bring on my upcoming sailing adventure up the coast of Maine. I’m very excited to be going on a 5 day windjammer cruise among the hundreds of little islands off Maine’s coast…should be a darned good time and so far it looks as if the weather may be in our favor.

Jenny and I will be sailing aboard the 100 foot Lewis R French which is an all sail wooden schooner built in 1871. It is the only pre 1900 Maine built wooden ship still in existence and one of the oldest working boats on the East coast. Designated a National Historic Landmark in 1992. Am I excited? Oh yeah!!! :)

Admittedly I have a ridiculously huge camera collection these days so that makes it that much harder to choose what to bring. However, after much consideration of the types of shots and situations I will probably be encountering I have decided on the following:

The list:
Leica MP w/35 ‘cron, 12mm Voigtlander
Contax G2 w 45/2, 28/2.8
Baby Fisheye 110
Pentax Auto 110 plus 3 lenses
Holga 120N
Holga 135 PAN
Sprocket Rocket
Ricoh Gr1v
Canon EOS 3000 w/40mm pancake, 70-200 f4
1940’s Falcon Mini 127
1930’s Zeiss Ikon 520/18 Baby Ikonta 127
1930’s Zeiss Ikon 520 6×4.5 120 half frame
Fuji X10 digital

Plus tons of batteries, at least 50 rolls of film, Voigtlander mini light meter, lens cleaning kits, a Gorillapod mini tripod, Sharpie markers, plastic bags and tape. I should be ready for anything! :D

A few things I’m looking forward to will be trying to catch some shots of whales and porpoises which I’m told are often spotted in these waters. Also, there will no doubt be some classic New England lighthouses. We’ll be stopping in some small lobster fishing villages and doing a lobster bake one afternoon. If we have some clear skies this will be a wonderful opportunity to see the stars away from city lights. Wish me luck! :)

written by clickiemcpete on 2012-08-17


  1. kiri-girl
    kiri-girl ·

    Have fun & good luck!! Looking forward to seeing your adventures! And don't forget to relax ok!

  2. gauthierdumonde
    gauthierdumonde ·

    Damn you have a 12mm voigtlander ! This is the last lens on my wishlist, but I have a buying pause of year 'starting today). I always have the same problems on trips. I try to only take 5 camera's and I always and up with ten. So I think you have a good list. The LC-a and W and the babyfisheye don't take any place anyway and always come in handy. Have a nice trip and good photo's !

  3. clickiemcpete
    clickiemcpete ·

    Thanks, really looking forward to this one! :)

  4. ricoinbrooklyn
    ricoinbrooklyn ·

    Good luck, great list, have a great vacation!

  5. vici
    vici ·

    that's a LOT of cameras for a 5 day voyage. Ditch the digital. We await the pics...

  6. bloomchen
    bloomchen ·

    have fun and enjoy the trip!