Lomo Product Wish List


Dear Lomo Gods,

I’ve been playing with many of your wonderful toys for some time now. My collection has grown tremendously and I now own most of the Lomography cameras. After running many rolls of film through them, carrying them around with me on a daily basis, etc, here is just a short and preliminary list of things I’d like to see for improvements that you guys should make.

Sprocket Rocket: Oh how I love this camera! One of my absolute favorites. I can’t get enough of that sprocket hole look and those groovy super wide images. There’s just one problem…what is up with the stupid wrist strap on the bottom? I know, I know, it’s a traditional way to add a wrist strap onto a camera, the Canon Demi from the mid 1960’s comes to mind as just one example. But really, it’s a terribly inconvenient way to add a strap. Not only is it completely unergonomic but it keeps you from being able to set the camera down on it’s bottom. And it rules out a neck strap. I’m sorry but this arrangement just ain’t cutting it. How about making a Sprocket Rocket with traditional lugs so that we can dangle that beauty from our necks in standard shooting position? Or, alternatively, how about a leather half case with built in lug loops for either neck or wrist strap?

Now, the LC-A+: I love this camera as well, no doubt about it! The more analogue cameras I accumulate the more I appreciate just how fast the LC-A is and just how small and pocketable it is. What seemed like an over the top cult like worshipping of it when I first got into Lomo stuff now is making more sense than ever. There’s just the one nagging problem with it that keeps it from being the all time favorite camera of my dreams…you guessed, CRAPPY attachment points! C’mon guys, make a nice leather half case with lug loops for this bad boy. It’s screaming for it! Or, give us some real lugs so I can put a nice wrist strap or neck strap on it. But really, a half case needs to be made for these and I’m willing to bet a lot of people would shell out for decent quality leather. I understand there are challenges involved and as a manufacturer myself (albeit small scale) I am keenly aware of production issues. But I have faith in you guys, if anyone can do it you can! :)

Supersampler: Love this nifty little camera, just one problem. How about getting rid of that awful string and replacing it with a regular winder wheel? I have broken two of mine and the last one was on the very first roll! I’m not happy about it at all. For $50 I really would expect the camera to make it past one roll. Now, I cannot return it unfortunately because I modified it by cutting out the dividers to achieve a cool blending effect…I read about that on this site and it sure does make an interesting image. Which brings me to request number two, how about removable dividers like the mask inserts on the Sprocket Rocket and other cameras?

So, there are three cameras and some ideas thrown out there for making them better. I have more ideas and will continue to contribute them in a friendly way. My goal is to offer ideas for improvements and maybe some will be implemented for the benefit of all. Cheers to the Lomo Gods and I can’t wait for what comes next ! :)

written by clickiemcpete on 2011-01-31


  1. duckduckninja
    duckduckninja ·

    Same on the SR!

    Don't own an LC-A...

    I love/hate the ripcord winding for the supersampler. my problem with it is the lack of consistency with it, sometimes it winds further or doesn't fully cock and needs another half pull. But it's great when your trying to wind while busy, I love using it while driving. And I think you keep breaking your cord because you are just too much of a manly man for it.

  2. clickiemcpete
    clickiemcpete ·

    LOL, that must be it, where's my estrogen tablets? I gotta tone it down man. Hehe...:D I agree, the string is a nice idea and I liked it at first but it's just too darned flimsy. OK, how about this? Why doesn't Lomo make a heavy duty industrial strength one with higher build quality and charge $150 for it? Give us the removable mask insert with it...it would fly. Call it the JuiceBoy as in Super Sampler on Steroids. Give it a funky viewfinder too.

  3. duckduckninja
    duckduckninja ·

    Oh yeah... a viewfinder would be nice on it. It's quite a shame you're not part of Lomography's development team.

  4. blormore
    blormore ·

    Great point on the sampler, it's the reason I keep passing it over :(