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  • Red to burn

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    LomoHome Of The Day November 2, 2019 Thank you!!

  • Coconut Bunny

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  • Vredeborch Felica

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    Vredeborch Felica

    The Vredeborch Felica is a beautiful medium-format compact camera designed in the 1950s. It looks very chic and resembles the design of other classic cameras like the Diana.

  • Central Camera Company, Chicago

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    Central Camera Company, Chicago

    In the shadow of the L train on South Wabash Avenue in the famous "Loop" stands an old school camera shop that has been there since 1899.

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  • Radio City Music Hall

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    In 1998, getting ready for the Emmys. I used a no-name Panoramic camera. If I have to delete this entry, please let me know.

  • Editorialisation on the Danger of Butt Photos…

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    Rollei 3.5f and the Danger of Butt Photos... Here is a photo of the Rollei 3.5f, the first camera I bought with my own money. I bought this at a garage sale for $25 in 1963 with Christmas and birthday money, when I was 13. My father used it occasionally, but my stepmother never noticed it. Anyway, I took it to my cousin Debbie's birthday beach party at Zuma, that spring, and it got several of us in trouble. Debbie had just turned 13 and looked like a dirty yellow mop, turned shag end up, with 2 large blue buttons and 2 fairy cakes with pink frosting in the appropriate places in a red and white 1 piece with ruffles on chest and butt and about 4' 6" tall. My cousin Billyjoe was 11. He and I were both very small pudgy boys in blue shorts. My cousin Butchie, a majestic highschooler in his own mind, was there with his date, a large, brunette, bottom heavy girl, wearing a red and yellow polka-dot bikini, too narrow for her butt-crack (bigger than him, and her name is forgotten). Her mother was there (and was absolutely colossal in a hibiscus muumuu) along with Uncle Neil (who was drunk) to chaparone all of us and several other innocent children. Also there was a large OD colour tent. When we were together, Debbie was Moe, and Billyjoe and I were Larry and Curley. Debbie hated Butchie's girlfriend and insisted we needed a photo of her butt-crack for future use. I had the Rollei, loaded with Tri-X. Butt-girl was bent over, head in the food basket, butt-crack wonderfully displayed. So, we snuck up behind her, Debbie pushing on me, and snapped the photo. Butt-girl noticed and came after us; we ran, but butt-girl was fast, so, I lateraled the camera to Billyjoe, who threw a 40' Hail Mary pass to Debbie for perfect reception. Debbie then ran full tilt into butt-girl's mother, who took the camera away from her, and stuffed it in her muumuu, down her decolletage (it fit). Debbie, Billyjoe, and I were herded into the tent and told to stay there for 1 hour for "meanness and egregious rudity". About 15 minutes later, butt-girl's mother kicked us out of the tent and shoved butt-girl in there with a sweater covering her butt and told her to stay 1 hour for "whining, butt crackage and egregious piggery". Butt-girl's mom had, apparently, looked in the food basket and liked the word "egregious". I didn't get the camera back that day, Butchie said he'd steal it back. About 2 weeks later, Uncle Neil drove over to our house (sober) and gave me back my camera. It was empty. Butt-girl's mom probably shot the rest of the roll (about 6 left), and that butt shot is in some forgotten photo album, 45 years in the past. I still have the camera. It works great. Butt shots are dangerous. Butt-girl could have caught us. She was about 5' 10" and about 190lb.

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    Montenegro Seaside

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  • first of the infrared

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    first roll of ir film - I never expected to have such good results I was just guessing exposure time...

  • snow on the horizon

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    messing up the exposure sometimes really gets interesting results, unfortunately the lab again cut the negatives so some shots were ruined...

  • A day in a park

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    Spent about 4 hours in the park, made artwork for the rumble and shoot it at the park. Phew!

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    She´s Ros, my best friend. Give her some love in her brand-new lomohome

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  • Incumpliendo todas las reglas = Fracaso

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    ¿A quién se le ocurre tirar un Redscale en sombra? ¿Y hacer 3 y 4 sobreexposiciones sobre el mismo fotograma? ¿Y no quitar la tapa de la lente? A mí, sólo a mí.

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  • Around Quebec

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    LC-A's around Quebec

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  • Amsterdam in sensia colours

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    I had this expired sensia film waiting to be shot and I waited for the nothern light of Amsterdam. I love the results of vasvas looking out the window expecially

  • City church

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  • Lara

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    ILFORD SFX FILM at iso 200

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  • Them and Their Cameras: Female Photographers in the Movies

    written by basterda on 2011-05-12
    Them and Their Cameras: Female Photographers in the Movies

    These females (girls and ladies, alike) are not just charming and pretty -- they are analogue enthusiasts as well! Take a look at the most loveliest female photographers found in movie reels!

  • rain down on me

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