Analogue without a choice

This blog is for the “Go analogue for a day” rumble. But my experience for going analogue for a day happened in 2008 or was it 2009? I just want to share my experience with you awesome lomographers!

It happened in the month of April, I was with my friends preparing to watch Incubus perform live in Jakarta (Indonesia). Excited on the day of the performance, we were listening to the songs of incubus, talking about how awesome the concert would be, taking digital pictures of ourselves to document the day. The sun went down, me and my friends were on our way to the concert venue. BAM! Incubus makes their way to the stage to kick off their epic concert! The audience in hype and excitement to their performance. I kept reaching for my mobile phone to take pictures and videos of the band, tucking it in my pocket when it was time to totally sing my heart out, jump as high as I could, and head bang like I never did before. The urge to take more pictures and videos of the concert came, I reached into my pocket, “hey…my phone isn’t in this pocket, let me try my other pocket…SHIT MY PHONE GOT STOLEN!” I was pissed off, but I was more concerned about enjoying the concert by Incubus rather than be angry and worried in that atmosphere. After the show, it was obvious I couldn’t find the culprit, so I just looked passed it and thought to myself, it’s the price I have to pay for enjoying an awesome concert by Incubus.

Here’s what you need to know, the very next day, I had to fly to Singapore, all alone!

All I had was the information of where my family (they left a couple days before I did) would be staying. I didn’t have a spare mobile phone with me, so off I went to start my trip to Singapore without communication. I got over the fact I lost my phone and that I had to travel. I tackled the situation with a positive mind, to remind myself how life was without a mobile phone, without being dependent on it. In short, it gave me time to reflect on the better things in life.

I was able to meet my family in Singapore, I did not face any major trouble of getting to them. All I did was go directly to the hotel of where my family was staying, and throughout the process, I made no calls, no emails, just an address on a piece of paper.

I admit, I enjoyed it, I did not feel the need to communicate with people, I did not worry about people trying to get in touch with me. To me, it was calming and refreshing. That’s how analogue I went, that’s how analogue I felt in that situation. Try it…if you have the choice.

written by cinzinc on 2011-03-24

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  1. icuresick
    icuresick ·

    Losing your mobile phone is nothing compared to a great Incubus concert! :)