• Hitting the books!

    written by cinzinc on 2011-03-24
    Hitting the books!

    Waiting, waiting, procrastinating, regretting. Don't you wish that sometimes you had all the time in the world to do whatever you want? I find myself chasing time to make sure I meet my deadlines, nothing I can do but to get it over with.

  • Analogue without a choice

    written by cinzinc on 2011-03-24
    Analogue without a choice

    A rocking event which cut me off from the world

  • For you

    written by cinzinc on 2011-02-13
    For you

    I guess you never knew how much I do

  • 2011

    written by cinzinc on 2011-01-09

    A rough beginning, but looking forward to what's in store for me.