It Feels So Natura, Baby!


“Don’t call it a comeback!” L.L. Kool J

Hi-Ho! This is chuo104. Coming to you from Tokyo, and at the cusps of Autumn. Well, I think I have finally figured out my mysterious “black box” problems, and my guess is that it has something to do with my display drivers. Still no fix…

I haven’t exactly been letting zee ‘ol home get dusty, it’s just that I didn’t think that anything I uploaded was ACTUALLY uploading. You dig? So, I lay down the photo’s a-la Blind Man’s Bluff, ‘cause ya see, I can’t see what, if anything, has been uploaded. “Hello Darkness my old friend…”

So, check this. Since it’s been a while I thought I would kick a brand new(ish) kinda funk, so I busted out one of my shamefully neglected cameras – Fuji Film’s Natura Classica.

sha-PLOW!!! It’s as light as goldfish, tiny as a bar of soap, as quiet as a car in park, a mighty tiny, but tiny and mighty FLASH! Shoooot! Besides that it’s SEXIER than an empty film cannister in drag, BABY!

Sunny shots? No problem.
Cloudy shots? Do you really have to ask?
Night Shots? Are kidding me???

If you don’t know you betta’ ask somebody! OK, I’ll tell you. Slap in…well not exactly slap in – we want to keep this puppy for a while – SLAP in a shiny new roll of Natura 1600 and you’re gone, Baby! I’m mean outta the crib and into the night! Flashless or otherwise – the choice is most definitely yourz. Night lights and shadows. Be you a bat (one of those creepy things that don’t fly so good) or a semi-Lomoautomatic lightenin’ FAST hipshooter, it’s on!


P.S. Want one? Maybe you can still get one here.

written by chuo104 on 2010-11-10

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  1. kefuwa
    kefuwa ·

    cam envy! great gallery :)