• Thank you

    written by chtiman on 2015-09-28

    Huge thank you for all your recent likes!!!

  • My cameras: Semflex T950

    written by chtiman on 2015-06-17
    My cameras: Semflex T950

    At a time when products imported from Germany to France were very expensive, the Semflex was a Rolleiflex copy and competitor. It was a robust and efficient machine, whose finish was a bit rough, but whose durability was very good, as well as the image quality on most of the models.

  • My cameras: Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta

    written by chtiman on 2015-05-28
    My cameras: Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta

    Zeiss-Ikon's top product line of folding medium format cameras were badged Ikonta and were generally of superior quality. A friend of Mine, Emilien, has kindly given me a B 532/16 model that was not being used.

  • Escudero's road trip to Turkey

    written by chtiman on 2014-05-20
    Escudero's road trip to Turkey

    it's been awhile since I had not enjoyed so much a set of photos. I wanted to highlight some of them, those that I consider excellent: the portraits.

  • My cameras: Ciro-Flex TLR

    written by chtiman on 2014-03-22
    My cameras: Ciro-Flex TLR

    The Ciro-Flex was a series of 6x6 TLRs made by the American manufacturer Ciro. I am happy to present a C-type one that I recently bought.

  • A new game

    written by chtiman on 2013-11-19
    A new game

    The game is simple: view pictures taken on the day of your birthday for each of the last three years and show your favorite picture for each year.

  • My cameras: Voigtländer Vitoret

    written by chtiman on 2013-04-02
    My cameras: Voigtländer Vitoret

    The Vitoret was an entry level camera based on the Vito line. This was the most basic of a large family, manufactured by Voigtländer, at Braunschweig, in the former West Germany, during the 1960's.

  • My cameras: Praktica MTL3

    written by chtiman on 2012-12-17
    My cameras: Praktica MTL3

    The MTL3 is a completely manual SLR camera made by Praktica, with the austerity but also the robustness and reliability of the East German era.

  • My cameras: Minolta X-700

    written by chtiman on 2012-11-06
    My cameras: Minolta X-700

    The Minolta X-700 is a complete and powerful SLR. Its ease of use makes it a very suitable device for the beginner as well as for the confirmed amateur.

  • questions about film swap

    written by chtiman on 2012-10-18
    questions about film swap

    Even if it is not a kind of photo I really like, I would love to make doubles with someone. The question is: how?

  • La Panne, Belgium, off-season

    written by chtiman on 2012-09-27
    La Panne, Belgium, off-season

    Living in the North of France, La Panne is a city where I like to go off-season. I would like to present this resort, a great place to walk around ...

  • SingleSpeed

    written by chtiman on 2012-09-26

    Singlespeed is some non-standard bike practice, whether on trails or on the road. The idea is to leave a single chainring and a single cog and think only of one thing: pedaling!

  • UPP campaign against the abusive use of photos

    written by chtiman on 2012-04-11

    "Every day, the work of photographers is being used without their consent."

  • Women

    written by chtiman on 2011-09-20

    I would have liked to be a professional photographer. This would have allowed me to have an excuse to take pictures of many women. I can already see some people say "another one who thinks only of seeing naked women". Well no. Not necessarily. But you have to admit that there are few subjects to take pictures as wonderful as a woman...

  • The question is: why?

    written by chtiman on 2011-09-20

    Yes, the question is: why? Why do you do with photography and, in our case, why are you addicted (or why did you come back) to analog photography?