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The Billy I is a folding viewfinder camera for 2¼x3¼-inch pictures on 120 roll film, made by Agfa in the 1950s (first variant in 1950, another in 1952). It should not be confused with the inter-war Agfa Billy Jgetar 8.8, which was also named the Agfa Billy I from 1931 onward. The lens is the Vario Agnar 105 mm f/6.3 Agnar. From camera-wiki.org/wiki/Agfa_Billy_I That is a double exposure


  1. klawe
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    Super! Absolut fantastisch! Gruß auch an Billy ;-) https://mycameracabinet.wordpress.com/2015/11/03/agfa-billy…

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    Very...very good one!

  3. dani1978
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    For me it's a wonderfull image. Compliments

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    Wow! Cool!!

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    Tanks a lot for likes and visit - Vielen Dank für Likes und Besuch - Merci beaucoup pour les Likes et la visite - Mucha gracias por las faves y las visitas @superlighter, @crosschannel, @ingcamb, @guja, @docsavage, @wuxiong, @aka_papu, @metaluna, @crazyb, @montagu, @gmushinsky, @oliv0380, @rik041, @rolfmg, @sabre, @troch, @fragakis_p, @emkei, @gheinz, @yago56, @mjanekerr, @antmark, @gusevpv, @patataryk, @liaye, @oleman, @wildholzkamera, @amomene, @ilcontrariodime, @films, @dani1978, @mlchaelbexley, @duque, @schwarzesauge, @mafiosa, @marcomaestro, @chas52, @brine, @novalee & @klawe

  8. fragakis_p
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    Its like a painting! Excellent!

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