Basic Principles of Safety When Inserting Penis Plugs

A few months back, I had no idea what a cock plug is. It was until I came across an article on cock plug safety in Europe that I first heard of the word. I won’t lie; the thought of putting a piece of stainless steel in my penis was at first horrifying to me. My understanding was that it was intended for stuff to come out of my penis and not the other way round. But as my curiosity got the better of me I read more about cock plugs and even went through some customer reviews to find out their experiences. And today my partner and I have a new fetish to the list, urethral insertions.

You may not know it but urethral play is fast gaining popularity around the European countries. Some are into it just to stretch and dilate the urethra with sounds while some simply enjoy the sensations created with the products. Personally, I use the cock plugs for the sensations they create. There is no particular word for what you feel once you have the plug in you; a certain article described it like having an orgasm from the inside out, which pretty much explains it.

You are probably already tempted to give the penis plug a shot, but remember a vital and sensitive organ is involved. So what should you do to ensure maximum safety as you insert this object into your body? Before buying my first cock plug I made sought information on the best penis plug specifications and design. I came across plugs made from glass and beads but thought they was too much danger of breakage. And since I did not want anything breaking inside my urethra, I settled for one made from steel.

The best penis plugs are made from surgical steel which gives a smooth shiny finish and makes them easy to clean. Stainless steel plugs are also durable and give you the option of adjusting their temperatures for an additional effect. I love mine cool and usually deep it in refrigerated water for a few seconds before use. But unlike glass, stainless steel plugs are a little more expensive which I found worth it because of the safety they provide and the fact that they are easy to care for. There are also aluminum and chrome products that are cheaper than stainless steel. But be careful to select products made from the highest grade possible.

The plugs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are solid plugs generally used for urethral play and there are those that have a through-hole to still allow you pass fluids out while wearing them. Cock plugs could have smooth shafts or a variety of lumps and bumps go give you different sensations. There are also those that have a hoop on the end to give you a pierced look without actually going through the pain of getting an actual piercing. And because we are all endowed differently, there is just about the right length for every size. The diameter sizes also vary to suit individual preferences. Penis Plugs Europe

My first plug was smooth and had a through-hole. I choose the particular design to make it easy putting it in and I thought the middle shaft would come in handy in since I did not know what to expect. Always make sure to use a good water based lube to help you get the plug in smoothly. Make sure to relax your muscle as tightening up will make it more difficult and even painful. Once the plug part of the plug’s length is inside you, try to focus on the sensation it creates as you gently push it all the way in. It may be a little painful but if the pain persists or comes from one particular point then it is advisable to retract.

Once you get accustomed to wearing the plug, you can experiment with different designs and diameters to explore new and unique sensations. And just in case you may like the idea, there are double ended penis plug to let you share the fun. Cock plugs can also be worn during sex, my girlfriend says that it makes my erection harder and delays ejaculation so that I cum longer and stronger. Penis Plugs Europe

When you first receive your penis plug, be sure to check that the finish is smooth and does not have any sharp or rough protrusions. Next you are supposed to sterilize it to rid it of any bacteria and germs. Also remember to clean it after every use. Also note that information on cock plug safety Europe suggests that the product may not be ideal for those prone to urinary tract infections.

written by chrismorris12 on 2016-02-22