Ricoh R10 - the GR1's little brother

This is a lovely small point and shoot camera that has a wide 30mm lens and fits nicely in your pocket. The photos are equally as good as my Olympus XA2 and Minox 35EL, but then they should be as this camera benefits in having the best electronics to control it at the time it was sold. Made around 2002, this model was the end of the line for Ricoh 35mm compacts. The macro mode is useful but difficult to lock the focus, I found the single focus mode best (single focus point and lock). I also like how it unwinds the film when you load it and winds each shot back into the cassette, so it will do mid-roll rewinds. The film was developed by Asda and put onto a photo CD.

*Lens: Ricoh 30mm F3.5 multicoated glass Lens, 4 elements, 4 groups.
*Focusing: Passive type 7 zone multi point autofocusing with single AF facility. 0.35m - Infinity.
*Macro mode: 0.2m - 0.35m.
*Shutter: Programmed electronic shutter, 2 seconds ~ 1/750.
*Self timer: LED indicator, 10 second delay.
*View finder: Reverse galilean with bright frame, 80% field of view.
*Film speeds: ISO 50-3200 (DX), ISO100 for non-DX.
*Dimensions: Height 118mm width 62mm depth 28.5mm.
*Weight: 150g without battery.
*Power: one CR123A

r10 ricoh
Ricoh R10
Truprint CN 200 expire 2004
Ricoh R10