The pigeon fancier

Tasma Kn 3, expired mid eighties, printed on a new paper for me - expired 2006 agfa multi contrast. @mikeallison I shot this yesterday with my olympus xa2 @ iso25 which is as low as it goes and did a semi stand 1+75 with the rodinal. As you can see the grain is pronounced, shadows are pretty good, highlights are getting thin, character is there in spades. I burned in the pigeons and his nearside leg a bit but other than that it was a fairly easy print to make. So here's the thing, most people only stand develop at 1+100 even when pushing a film 1 or 2 stops so at 1+75 I've definitely given it quite a shove. I'm very happy with the result here but I'm still curious to either meter for iso12 or give it even more of a bashing in the developing tank. I really want to see what more this film has to offer, can i get that black/ white graphic look out of it?

finding the limit.
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