Cannes, day two!

Day 2 started with an attempt to go see “the tree of Life”, by Terrence Malick, one of the most talked about movie in the festival. This screening should have been open to anyone carrying a press pass (that I have) but when we got there, desolé….. invite only! that is Cannes!

Got to go see “Bonsai” by the Chilian director Crisitian Jimenez, which is part of the selection for “un certain regard” competition. The movie starts with a young man, a writer of sorts, with two incomplete novels and a few poems, who is almost hired to type a novel by a famous writer. unable to tell his girlfriend he did not get the job, he starts writing a novel based on the initial premise of the famous writer and on his own first love affair. Sometimes we all feel like our life is like a novel…. but a not really good one. In a story of life imitating art and art imitating life, we are taken between past and present through reading (novels, many) and writing. The protagonist, played by Diego Noguera, is a bit of an empty page with a permanent empty and puzzled look on his face, as if he requires the books and the other characters to explain to him who he is. I imagine we are supposed to pour ourselves into him but his emptiness is sometimes annoying and off-putting. But this movie does contain much poetry and we cannot leave it without visiting our own first loves and our past, " In search for [our] Lost Time" (yes, lots of Proust in this movie).

In the evening, thanks to the wonderful Lisa Li-Lund got to go to the party of Les Inrocks, in the villa Rotschild. It was quite packed with stars, will not go name dropping, don’t want to sound like a major starfucker but a certain Maîtresse de Cérémonie might have been there…. performance by the french group Brigitte, that I did not know but whom I found quite delightful!

Now, time to call it an early night since tomorrow I’m walking up the “marches” (the red carpet, yeah!) at 8h in the morning to see Melancholia, the new Lars Von Trier……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, thanks to the WONDERFUL guys at MUBI, will also go up the marches at least two more times…. can you guess for which movies?

written by cc-in-paris on 2011-05-17