Tripple Long with Sprockets


Trickyeyeline and I had agreed to meet at London Bridge just after 8pm. It was a Saturday night in January and cold outside. After selecting my various layers of clothing carefully and constructing a home made carry strap for my Dad’s old tripod i set off. I found it rather amusing that whilst i was wearing 3 layers of thermals and a huge coat, the rest of London were off out on a jolly and wearing their gladrags (=mostly not a lot and the highest of heels.) This didnt deter me and Tricky, we were on a photography/lomography mission!

Starting out at Tower Bridge, we got the hang of it and decided to wonder down the river towards the Southbank stopping along the way to shoot the next bridge or boat until we couldnt feel our hands.

We reached the Tate Modern and set up on the wobbly bridge, looking towards St Pauls Cathedral. Taking it in turns to use the tripod we clicked away. I gave the Sprocket Rocket’s bulb setting a go, taking a couple of shots, each time holding down the shutter for a more seconds than the previous. After a couple of single long exposure shots i attempted a double long exposure, taking two, two second long exposures on one frame. It worked a treat.

Credits: catherine_martin

We decided to give the other photographers waiting patiently behind us for the best spot a turn and headed back for the tube. Freezing hands and face were well worth it. Really enjoyed my Saturday night out on the town with my Sprocket Rocket.

Credits: catherine_martin

written by catherine_martin on 2011-02-13

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    Great shots :-)