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[Global Times special correspondent stationed in South Korea Zhao Xiaojing] Korea “North” group is full of tricks to improve their own attention recently dished "North girls like the plan is to be erected before the Chinese Embassy, and, said Moncler Outlet Store at the unveiling ceremony held before the end of the year. At the same time, part of the Korean media called for in the “North” on the issue of the “carrot and stick”. Yonhap 10, 2009 reported that “oppose mandatory repatriation of North Korea off the North by the National Federation of” consisting of “off the north by” groups such as the Moncler Outlet 9th said, for the widely publicized “off the north by” in China is mandatory repatriation of North Korean issue, will be Place in front of the Chinese Embassy "North girls like. The organization said the statue will stand on the sidewalk in front of the jade jen church opposite the Chinese Embassy on the last, and will be held during the year on December 26 of this year against the forced repatriation of North Korean defectors refugee gatherings "held the opening ceremony . Kim Kyu-ho, the person in charge of the “North” website, said: "Since the establishment before the Japanese Embassy in the ROK comfort women girl statue, off North girls like you can set up in front of the Moncler Outlet Online Chinese Embassy. Reported that since February this year, the group continued to hold demonstrations before the Chinese embassy in Seoul, but Seoul Jongno-gu Office issued a penalty notice, so the location of the group will hold a press conference instead of a park. South Korea, “Central Daily” on the 10th has held in Korea from early this year against the Chinese government forcibly repatriated North residents rally, former Liberal advanced Party lawmaker Park declared hunger strike map still before the Chinese Embassy. Reported that South Korea should be taken to the “flexible attitude” voices that called in a cavity blood.

written by catherine04 on 2012-10-11