• Tips for film shooters in Lausanne

    written by carsten-schmitt on 2015-06-19

    Read the first installment of my travel blog for film buffs and geeks around Lake Geneva. Win a free ticket to the photo museum in Lausanne.

  • Taking notes for film photography: app or notebook?

    written by carsten-schmitt on 2015-06-09

    I have been trying apps to keep notes of my photo shoots and compared it to doing it the analog was with pen and paper: here's my verdict

  • Why is Lomo not helping to support the survival of film?

    written by carsten-schmitt on 2014-10-01

    This is a bit of a rant and also my attempt to lobby Lomo into supporting colleagues (and I am using this word on purpose) to help secure the future of film...

  • Should you be including mobile apps in your film photography workflow?

    written by carsten-schmitt on 2013-08-23

    This blog is taken from my website. It is a roundup of a six-part series on "Useful Apps for Film Photographers". I won't repeat the full series here, but I think the final installment might be particularly interesting for people here at Lomography. You can check out the original at

  • Useful Apps for Film Photographers

    written by carsten-schmitt on 2013-07-04

    When you’re into analogue photography you will often hear people say that you’re hopelessly old fashioned. That the one hasn’t got anything to do with the other should be obvious to film-loving shutter bugs. Quite the contrary, when you’re messing with films and chemistry, and maybe even historic equipment you might welcome some handy electronic helpers to make your life easier.

  • Commoditising Creativity

    written by carsten-schmitt on 2013-01-30

    Lomography has just announced LOMOCHROME PURPLE, a new color negative film. That alone should make me happy. Every new film that comes to the market in these days is good news. But still, for some reason I am not as excited as I should be.

  • Don't cross that slide film!

    written by carsten-schmitt on 2012-10-10
    Don't cross that slide film!

    If you look at the tags given to pictures here at lomography, x-pro is without a doubt one of the most common ones. Taking a slide film and putting it through a C41 bath to marvel at the strange intensive colours is a great creative way of toying with film material. Nevertheless, I want to argue that next time you put a slide film into your camera you should not cross-process it afterwards.

  • Find Your Motif

    written by carsten-schmitt on 2012-10-08
    Find Your Motif

    It might be against Lomography's credo of spotanetiy but sometimes it pays off to plan your photo shoots and go back to the same place