What do you do when you go to sleep thinking about photography? What do you do when you wake up thinking about photography? You become a photographer; at least that's what I've done!

From an early age, I usually had a camera with me and I was encouraged to take pictures by my parents and
family. However, in high school, other artistic pursuits took precedence and I missed out on doing the hotographic activities. My school limited you to either visual or musical arts. While I wish I could have done both, i really enjoyed my musical pursuits as eventual first cello in the orchestra and singing bass in the chorus. It wasn't until much later in life, that photography and I came back together. Since my rediscovery and subsequent obsession with photography, I have done portraiture, weddings and editorial work. During my second tenure in New Orleans starting in January of 2002, I worked as a photographer for The Whiz
Magazine, additionally I provided imaging services for many of the local performers. After losing our apartment in hurricane Katrina, my partner and I made our way back to Phoenix. We started over and seldom think about the horrible tragedy that so drastically changed our lives. We have made a new home for our family and my photography.

I have been concentrating on landscapes and fine art images. I still do occasional portraiture, both studio sessions and lifestyle candids. I have tried to pursue as many different opportunities for my photography as I have been able to. I have also donated my time and skills to the Imperial Court of Arizona, a wonderful organization raising funds for many diverse community charities.

Currently, I have been working with the organization Phoenix Pagan Pride Day by shooting publicity images and designing their posters.


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