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I'am a lomographer from the first hour of this great motion. Bought my first LCA around 1990, when I'am tired of doing B&W-Art. As I'am not starting at the crawling stage, you can imagine, that in between my hair becomes white, but my hart is full of LOMO-colors &motions.
First of all like my LCA, doing street photography with.. My first one died some month ago (sniff ,sniff), but as I travelled a lot in eastern europe in earlier times, found some machines as replacement. Holga is my first choice for MF, but in between have also become good friend with Diana and my collection of her clones, everyone has her special character. It's great, to try out and see the result.
I use all the other different plastics for my experiments, as I like to try new things out, together with smena and all the other russian supermachines.

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