Meet the latest 'Limited Edition' Konstruktor...!


My first Lomo camera was the ‘El Toro’ version of the Diana F+, and I’ve always loved its simple yet bold design. So much so, in fact, that I decided to clone the design for my newest Lomo camera too. So here it is, folks, the world’s one and only Konstruktor ‘El Toro Junior’ Limited Edition…!

Credits: buckshot

And here’s Junior and Senior together:

See the close family resemblance…? ;-)

I kept the red and black theme going on the back, too:

Credits: buckshot

Well, that’s all there is to show. I’d be delighted to see what you’ve done with your Konstruktor too, so feel free to post a link to a shot of it in the comments.

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written by buckshot on 2013-07-25


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    so cool!!!

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    Great idea !!!!

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    Great idea!

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