You never know what will happen


You can buy them on the flea market, on ebay or you find them in the attic of your grandparents. I’m talking about old films…films, which are expired for a long time…expired for several years.
Often you don’t know if someone exposed the film before you…
What will happen?
Unknowing, you load a camera with the old film and shoot, shoot and shoot.
While you scan the negatives your eyes get wider and wider.
Old films have their own flair!

This is an old Fuji Superia X-Tra 400 which I bought on the big flea market in Langenhagen. I don’t know how old the film is but I think it is expired for a long time. I exposed the film on a sunny day in Paris and frauspatzi exposed it for the second time in Cologne at the Lomo-Meeting with the Spinner360°.

The colors are incredible: red, pink, orange and green

Credits: brommi
Credits: brommi
Credits: brommi
Credits: brommi

So people buy old films and make you prepared for unexpected results!

written by brommi on 2011-06-11


  1. frauspatzi
    frauspatzi ·

    Die Ergebnisse sint echt interessant!

  2. weleasewoger72
    weleasewoger72 ·

    How old was this film? I love the effects! My first 3 films were all expired 1994 and thought they all came out well. Going to use 1984 film next.

  3. brommi
    brommi ·

    @weleasewoger72 I don't know, because I found the film on the flea market without the packaging (and on the packaging normally is the expiration date written) I don't have any idea how old the film is...

  4. pepper-b
    pepper-b ·

    Great doubles!