My new love: The Spinner360°


One of my latest achievements in my lomography-family is the Spinner360° ! A few weeks ago I was Home of the day and with the mass of piggies which I got, I ordered a lomo-package and its included the Spinner. I put it in my bag and made a trip to a few big cities of europe with the AidaCara: Paris, London, Amsterdam, Antwerp and Hamburg.
Last weekend I was able to scan some of my negatives with the scanner of zeester (nevertheless, not all are scanned).

Credits: brommi

One of my favorite spinner-photos is this one in london:

If you choose the superviewer, you can see more details. Things that happen behind your back.

a couple on a stone

a tourist who just photographed the bridge

children playing in the water-fountains

people examine the strange camera in my hands

All this is summarized in one…only one photo!

I hope I can scann the other spinner-negatives soon!

written by brommi on 2011-06-07

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  1. russheath
    russheath ·

    I agree -- it's a wonderful camera! Nice photos!