perfect day


Yesterday I met again with mephisto19. We had been in Steinhude, then in Lindhorst and in Hagenburg. He lent me an old camera Agfa Silette Pronto (the first two test films I’ll bring today to the drug-store) and we lomographed around the ‘Steinhuder Meer’.

Credits: mephisto19

In the evening I was with other friends in a tapas bar…

Credits: brommi

…when I got a message from mephisto19: ‘’pussy! you have won the lhotd on the international side! Congratulations.’’
I could not believe it but with a mobile-phone of a friend, I looked on the LSI…and it was true! Unbelievable!
The afternoon with mephisto19 was great and then THAT!
When I was at home at night, I immediately went online and was amazed. I had over 500 notifications and was added by Lomographers who didn’t know me before. To my astonishment, were already 50 piggies on my account and I have immediately ordered a Spinner360° and 4 films.

It’s just awesome. I thought that I will need a few months to collect so many piggies but now I got 50 piggies and (with my other 95 piggies, I had 145 piggies)

I was so happy :)

I hope the Lomo-package reachs me in the next few days and then I can make my first spinner-photos in Paris, London, Antwerp and Amsterdam.

The spinner is also a great camera to make family travel photos. Because everyone who is in the near of the camera is on the photo…


Credits: brommi
Credits: brommi

written by brommi on 2011-04-09


  1. mapix
    mapix ·

    die spinner ist eine gute Idee! genieße das WE ;-)

  2. analogmonolog
    analogmonolog ·

    congratz for the lhotd!

  3. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    :)) now we both have to wait for the results and enjoy the spinner :)))

  4. brommi
    brommi ·

    @mapix: hehe finde ich auch :P danke du auch =)
    @analogmonolog: thanks mate!
    @mephisto19: you have to wait much longer than me :D :P I hope, the AgfaSilettePronto photos are okey.maybe nice..but I think not awesome :D

  5. tigg
    tigg ·

    I enjoy the energy you show through your photos :)