Confessions of a Junk Shop Junkie (#5)

First Roll of Lomo Sunset Strip. Lovely results, even though I think I shot some of it at 200iso by mistake.


  1. clickiemcpete
    clickiemcpete ·

    I think this film looks great underexposed. I just shot a roll and metered for 125 so we'll see how it goes but your results encourage me. ;)

  2. bridgetj
    bridgetj ·

    @clickiemcpete I look forward to seeing your results. I honestly don't know what parts of this roll were shot at 200 and at 100iso — the roll was in the camera for over a month, and the iso dial on this camera is a little loose, so I occasionally have to reset it. At some point mid-roll I got it into my head that the film was 200, then later I realized it wasn't, so set it back down. I'm pleased with the roll regardless, though.

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