Getaway Van

This picture was a surprise. Taken from the driver's side window while at a stop light, I was aiming for the barber shop. I don't remember a van being there, nor do I remember it being a long-exposure, but clearly it was! Sometimes the exposure and aperture switches on the Diana get caught on things in my bag and I don't remember to check them when I grab the camera to snap a pic. Usually that means it's been switched to pinhole and I don't realize it, but sometimes it works out!

Third home-processed black and while roll.

This roll was strange - only got three usable pictures. My first instinct was to blame my processing, but the pics that came out did so just fine. I seem to have badly under-exposed the remainder of the shots on the roll. I wonder if I accidentally had the aperture on pinhole? Wouldn't be the first time...

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