• Efke KB100 (35mm, 100 iso) user-review

    written by brendend on 2008-10-22 #gear
    Efke KB100 (35mm, 100 iso) user-review

    A Croatian film that's truly old school, bursting with silver and yields amazing grey tones.

  • Oakwood Memorial Park Cemetery (Chatsworth CA)

    written by brendend on 2008-10-20 #places
    Oakwood Memorial Park Cemetery (Chatsworth CA)

    Nestled in the rustic hills of Chatsworth, CA, Oakwood Memorial Park Cemetery is a location I've grown up with. My great grandma is buried here, among many notable names, including Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Stephen Boyd, so frequent visits were made all through my childhood and now into my adult years.

  • My Lubitel Story: A Tale of Romance

    written by brendend on 2008-10-09 #news
    My Lubitel Story:  A Tale of Romance

    After acquiring several cameras, they've all seemed to settle into their respective roles. Like a little camera society! My Holga tends to be the party animal - taken whenever there's a get together or a club outing. Diana likes to go with me to museums and galleries. My Feds are respectful and noble, used for weddings and 'serious' photography. The 'Samplers' are spontaneous and fun. Now what about Lubitel? Oh, Lubitel, why she's the most adventurous of all.

  • Yosemite National Park

    written by brendend on 2008-09-11 #places
    Yosemite National Park

    Channel your inner Adams and visit one of the most iconic national parks in the US - Yosemite! Taking a trip to the valley floor lets you explore meadows, riverbanks and waterfalls, teeming with some of the most stunning scenery you've ever seen. Visit Yosemite Falls, Glacier Point, Vernal Falls or Half Dome and you're sure to get a taste of beauty, or be humbled by the grandness you're surrounded by.

  • Fed 3

    written by brendend on 2008-09-04 #gear
    Fed 3

    A hefty Russian rangefinder with a beautiful Industar 61 lens that's willing to put out and give you beautiful, sharp, vibrant photos on the first date - as long as you get to know him first!

  • Zuma Beach (Malibu, Ca)

    written by brendend on 2008-08-13 #places
    Zuma Beach (Malibu, Ca)

    Located right off PCH in Malibu, Zuma Beach is one of California's most popular beaches. On a typical summer weekend, the beach is packed with the biggest variety of characters you'll ever see. Zuma Beach is really chill, everyone seems to come together for one purpose - to enjoy the sun and sand!

  • Castaic Lake (Santa Clarita, Ca)

    written by brendend on 2008-08-06 #places
    Castaic Lake (Santa Clarita, Ca)

    I've been hitting Castaic Lake in Santa Clarita, CA for a few years now and finally decided to take a date - my Diana F+! There's a swimming area, you can bring friends and a BBQ, or if you feel adventurous, you can bring a kayak or a boat and explore the shores!

  • Santa Cruz Island (Channel Islands, Ca)

    written by brendend on 2008-07-15 #places
    Santa Cruz Island (Channel Islands, Ca)

    Located off the coast of California, Santa Cruz Island is an incredible Lomolocation with cliffs, coasts, caves and coves to explore! Camping overnight guarantees an island fox sighting, and chances are you'll see (or at least hear) seals at one point or another.