Fuji Velvia (35 mm, 100 iso)


Velvia! Veelvia! Veeelvia! Call it! Ooops, this name, just for itself, its proper music, has an astonishing poetical resonance in the labyrinths of my mind…
One of my favourite films ever, Fuji Velvia 35mm 100 iso, cross-processed as loved by lomographers, will give us marvellous images, marvellous freakish colours, and not so freakish, but always very intense, as we all like. Also intense contrast (with the skills of our beloved and mythical LC-A+…).

Credits: bravopires

I haven´t tried this film e6 processed, just c41. So I can´t talk about it e6 processed, but c41.

Credits: bravopires
Reds, violets, purples, pinks, blues, greens, yellows, golds… I´m not sapient at naming colours, so forgive me if I´m not naming them well according to this film… but those colours I have named are all perfectly reached by this precious stone, Velvia… Let us see some examples, the perfect way to know about this emulsion, its c41 face:

1. Cloudy and snowy (last lomograph it was late dusk).

Credits: bravopires

2. Cloudy and misty.

Credits: bravopires

3.Sunny (Be careful: easy to superexpose. Intense light situations, better set the LC-A+ at 200 iso (400 in extreme conditions), as in multiexposures, gaining contrast). Following shots, however, all with my LC-A+ set at 100 iso.

Credits: bravopires

4. Whenever you want.

Credits: bravopires

Shoot it, impress it with light! And we must destroy the preconception this film gives us a red or reddish atmosphere in all situations. It is false. This film deserves not preconceptions cause its colour range is not narrow. So try to get all rainbow colours (and maybe others, I don´t know…) and you/we will see.

written by bravopires on 2011-01-01

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  1. isilu
    isilu ·

    I ♥ Velvia! Beautiful photos! :)