The Celebration of Photons

Credits: bravopires

My photographique / lomographique / visual quotidian life is ruled by this and just this unique rule: each lomograph a brand-new experience. That is to say – in my modest or vain, rude or delicate, simple or complex body senses, memory, desire, sensibility, thinking – body, brain, soul, spirit -, a new day is a completely new day, the quotidian Sun an absolute new Sun, the Moon a perfect new Moon, the orange eated the first savour of a spherical new orange, the first, as if I had never eaten a liquid and nutritious orange, or even if I had never eaten something (a smile is not going to move two static frogs but a laugh will make them suddenly dive from some “nymphaea ampla” to the pond – could this be a surrealistic text?)… So, every lomograph / photograph / visual study which I am trying to impress on film, light and shadows architecture and design, colourful or greyish, redscaled or purpled, I want it to be an absolute crude and nude “object” of my life, in general, and, in particular, of my visual life, the life of my “eye”. I want to have a visual catalogue of my existence. – 226 words; now 231 “palavras”, which is the portuguese word for words. 240 words. Is this a surrealistic text? 245 words!!! 247!!! – Returning to my thinking: I said I wanted to have a visual catalogue of my existence. Precisely, this is my everyday celebration of photons, trying to impress on film, architecturing and designing with light and shadows, my normal or abnormal quotidian life. On this purpose photographing / lomographing all things I love and (300!!!) those I do not love (I do not love certain walls but I have no problem on photographing / lomographing those solid and sometimes ugly and dirty surfaces…). I love my nephew and my brother:

Credits: bravopires

I love trees, rivers and streets:

Credits: bravopires

Materially speaking, I do not love neither walls nor rails but I do love to photo/lomograph them and I do love them in my soul:

Credits: bravopires

Photography is a form of documenting my life creating Beauty.

written by bravopires on 2014-08-27


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    Thank you so much for reading and liking my blogging! Much appreciated! @neanderthalis, @ksears119, and @gauthierdumonde :D

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    Really appreciated your likes! Thanks v much! @crevans27 and @rik041 :D

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    Great photos and right words. "Celebration of photons" - that's what we do!
    I tried many times to explain my friends why I prefer film to digital and I didn't manage to find right words. Your text helped me. With digital camera we just destroy photons to measure few parameters of them and it is all we get, those figures, to let computer make a pictures that imitates photo that had never been done. While when we allow the photon to reach film we are like matchmakers for light and film and our tenderness toward the things the light just touched is present and is expressed. Thus we celebrate the light and the world around us and it is much more that just get some information about it.

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    Thank you very much! @gmushinsky Very glad you found it interesting! :D