• Tunnelvision Lens

    written by bravopires on 2011-03-16 #gear
    Tunnelvision Lens

    There are several different lens for the queen of Lomographic cameras, but I have always has some fetish on TunnelVision Lens...

  • Fuji Velvia (35mm, 100 iso)

    written by bravopires on 2011-02-06 #gear
    Fuji Velvia (35mm, 100 iso)

    Velvia! Veelvia! Veeelvia! Call it! Oooops, this name, just for itself, its proper music, has an astonishing poetical resonance in the labyrinths of my mind...

  • Cerro Gordo

    written by bravopires on 2010-07-28 #places
    Cerro Gordo

    Next to the town of Badajoz, in Spain, by the highway Lisbon / Madrid, there is a strange quarter, which is a satellite of that spanish town. It is coming to life : cause it is yet under construction; but some buildings are finished, so there is people living in there.

  • Lusitania Bridge

    written by bravopires on 2010-04-08 #places
    Lusitania Bridge

    Just for the superb beauty of this bridge, Mérida, Spain, deserves a visit. By day or night, it is a delicious vision for aesthetic sensibility. For sure lomographers will love it.

  • Milfontes's Shore (Portugal)

    written by bravopires on 2009-03-29 #places
    Milfontes's Shore (Portugal)

    If you are in Lisbon, Portugal, go south -- well, you can go either north or east, but go south -- along the Atlantic Ocean coast, until Sines, which is an interesting town by the ocean. Then -- don´t you forget it -- take the rough road just near the sea, until Milfontes.