My MASSIVE problem with the Diana Mini and how I fell slightly out of love with Lomography.


I was excited, my first Lomography camera, the Diana Mini, I had spent many hours talking to friends about how excited I was to get one on these babies, when I finally had enough money to buy one, I grabbed my laptop and proceeded to order a Diana Mini, and a ton of film.

A couple of days went by, a lot of time was spent getting up early in the morning just in case it came and I needed to sign for it [no way was I going to let it slip from my fingers in case I couldn’t hear the doorbell!!]

The weekend was fast approaching, and I hoped that it would come before then, because I had to visit my grandparents, and so there would be no one to sign for my camera, I couldn’t bare that.

I popped to the shops for a couple of minutes, to get some milk I believe, when I got back, my mum said that a parcel had come for me! Could it be my new baby?

YES IT WAS!! I let out a little whoop of joy, finally I had a Lomography camera, I would no longer stick out like a sore thumb at the Lomography parties! :D

I carefully opened it, setting aside my new camera to read all the paper inside the box, quick slick through the book, then onto my camera, I grabbed a box of film I had ordered with my camera, and began to load it.

The first time I tried loading it, the sprockets ripped a little, from my research I knew this could happen, so I loaded it again, this time successfully. I took a couple of photos of my mother, something she’s not fond of, after TWO exposures, it got stuck!! My heart started racing, surely I hadn’t broken it already?!

I pressed the film release button, and took the film out, and just left it at home while I got very merry with my family over the weekend.

When I got back home, I tried it again, this time I couldn’t even get the camera to pick up the film. So I jumped on a train with my Diana Mini to London, to go the Lomography Store – London and hope to god that they could do something about it.

When I got there, I explained my problem, and a lovely lady helped load my film, for a moment I could relax, I didn’t feel like such a loser. I didn’t use my camera in London, as it was quite cloudy that day. [Perhaps an omen!]

I had to go into Uni the next day so I thought I’d take it with me, and get some nice photos of my friends, all seemed to be going well until I took THE SECOND photo, and it got stuck again, and wouldn’t wind on!! This time I knew it wasn’t me, it was the camera!!

My love for Lomography was quickly becoming a thing of the past, my Diana Mini just sat on my desk, MOCKING me while all the film I had bought was begging me to use it, but I didn’t want to put it in my SLR as I had a new project coming up, and feared I might be mid-roll but needed it for something else.

Acting quickly I emailed Lomography to ask for help, the conclusion was that I should send it back, but I REALLY didn’t want to pay that much, when I could BUY a Holga 135BC for the same amount of money.

My friend a fellow Lomographer saw my distress and sent me a link to an article about fixing the problem with the Diana Mini, but I’m really not a D-I-Y sort of guy, and would probably do more harm than good!

I thought about seeing if I could return it to the store, but because I bought it online, I’m not sure if they would, and when I asked this in my email it was completely ignored, so I don’t think I can… :( and on Friday it’ll be two weeks after I received it!

So here’s my plea for help, would anyone be willing to take this off my hands for a slightly reduced amount? I live around Heathrow, and I would be very grateful!!!

written by borishowl on 2011-01-26


  1. titidvivant
    titidvivant ·

    Sorry you had such a bad experience with the lil' guy. A similar thing happened to me a few years back with the colorshot camera. I hope that you don't disown lomography, it is well worth it once the bugs are worked out! :-)

  2. borishowl
    borishowl ·

    I'm trying not to, just this is bumming me out at the moment!! :(

  3. xxxanderrr
    xxxanderrr ·

    the 35mm holga is nowhere near enough fun as the diana mini.
    back in the lomo store, what did the woman do to the camera? did you pay attention?
    if so, can you CALL the store? it's a lot better to explain the problem and solutions over the phone, rather than email. if you could visit the store again, that would be the best thing of course, that way you could get it fixed there.
    and they should be able to take it back, they're an official lomo store after all. just take your receipts n stuff ;)