Salcedo Weekend Market

I have heard of this place for the longest time. I have worked in the same area for so many years, and it was just last April of this year that my wife and I decided to visit the Salcedo Weekend Market. Its located in the heart of Makati Business District, just near the Makati Sports club.
We got there almost noon and decide to eat our lunch there. The summer sun was at its hottest, so the first thing we got was a huge watermelon shake. Yeah, that was nice, sweet, refreshing and hell, it was expensive. All right, I got it, the long line for the fruit shake wasn’t any indication that people line up because its cheap, ok, ‘got it! And for lunch, I got myself a kebab sandwich and Callos from ’tita’, a mestiza looking older woman. The kebab was, well… i have had better. While the Callos was just the way I wanted it. I would say its authentic.

Credits: boobert

Salcedo Weekend Market is also a good place to bring the kids, well I would suggest to be there in the morning. Just outside the market place itself is a playground where kids could run around and play.

Credits: boobert

Aside from home cooked meals, you could also get freshly baked breads and pastries, spices and oh, that crepe, forgot the name. Oh, well you’ll find him, he’s the only one making crepes there.
Over all its a good place to visit, overrated, but worthy of a long drive. Just don’t expect too much.

written by boobert on 2011-05-23