One analog day


When I decided to enter this competition,I thought Saturday, February 26 would be a good day for it.
Bad news came on Friday, had to work on Saturday morning, as I work with high tech machines, my day was ruined.
My wife and I’ll have a son in August, so we thought of restoring an old baby bed, then in the afternoon i just close myself in the basement in the company of an old radio and some sandpaper and put my hands to work.
At night I was so tired and with a good hurt (work with pleasure) in my hands that I was only able to sleep.
was not the whole day but I spent half the day working the old way and i really enjoyed it, restore the bed of my future child (it’s a boy),with no phone, no computer, no technology…it was very good.

written by bongofury on 2011-03-02

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  1. pepper-b
    pepper-b ·

    Às vezes sabe bem sim :) eu opto pelo campismo, é uma boa solução! Parabéns pela futura paternidade!! abraço, bruno